Our Purpose:

Our Diversity and Social Justice Team is committed to helping people go deeper into the issues of mission, mercy, and justice by addressing systemic causes of injustice and issues related to living our Christian faith in our culture and society. The Team has committed to focus in five areas:
  • Environment/God’s Creation
  • Immigration
  • Interfaith work
  • LGBTQ+ Concerns and Welcome
  • Mental Health
They also partner with other groups within and outside the church to impact issues like gun violence or anti-racism.  To learn more about our work or get involved, contact Team Leaders Jean Streeter or Jill Griffin.

Caring For Our Earth: Holiday Recycling Tips

There's no denying the joy we experience at Christmas giving gifts and decorating our homes. But after the excitement is done, the leftover boxes, plastics and paper contribute to our landfills. In fact, every year, Americans throw away roughly 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's, generating 25 million extra tons of garbage. The Social Justice/Diversity team encourages everyone to take a few small steps - for example, using items like plain wrapping paper that can be recycled, and consolidating shipments to cut down on boxes and deliveries. 

Gun Violence Panel Discussion

On October 11, the Diversity/Social Justice Team sponsored a panel discussion for community members to stay informed about gun violence.  Our featured panelists included Buffalo Grove Police Officer Malcolm Baker and Lt. Tara Anderson, Sheri Williams from Moms Demand Action, and Dan Didech, Illinois State Rep. D-59.   The entire program can be viewed here.