If a group wants to host an event the chair of the committee/team and/or staff liaison should...

step 1: check availability

Contact the Church Administrator, Elizabeth Hicks

Email : ehicks@kingswoodumc.com 

Office: 847-398-0770 ext. 5

To confirm availability of space and to prevent competing events on the calendar.

step 2: reserve Room & complete set up form 

Complete THIS FORM and return it to Elizabeth Hicks in order to:

  • Reserve a room

  • Outline room(s) set up

  • Request resources

We have a dedicated facilities staff who will gladly set-up your reserved room(s) just as you wish.

Do you need childcare? Contact our Children & Families Minister, Barb Symonds at least 2 weeks before the event to request childcare workers. The cost for providing childcare can either be funded through registrants to the event or the ministry budget.

Submit a 50-75 word event summary to Anita Tasher by Monday at 11am

Email : atasher@kingswoodumc.com

Please note that staff will use discretion in editing and placing event summarys to assure that everyone’s articles fit and are amply promoted. 

What should be in the event summary? See 5 Guidelines When Promoting Gatherings 

step 3: submit Event Summary


5 Guidelines When Promoting Gatherings 

1. Specify WHO the event is for. Is this gathering just for Kingwood folks or is it open to the whole community?  Is it for a certain gender, interest or age group etc.? 
2. Describe WHAT the event is without insider language. Pretend you’re someone who is hearing about this gathering  for the first time and doesn’t know what a gathering is by name. Avoid using abbreviations like UMW, PDO, Glory Fingers, Sacred Threads in the title but instead you might include the name in the body of the blurb after you have already stated what the ministry is (i.e. United Methodist Women, Creative Arts Ministry) 
3. State WHERE & WHEN the gathering will be. If the gathering is at someone’s home or an offsite location, be sure to include an address and phone number in case someone can’t find the location. Stating “At Billy Jo’s House” doesn’t make the gathering accessible to folks who don’t know Billy Jo and/or where Bill Jo lives. OR provide an email for interested attendees to request someone’s home address. 
4. State WHY you are gathering. Assume the reader isn’t familiar with the event. State clearly why you are gathering.  
5. Share HOW you sign up & contact someone
This provides folks with an open invitation and communicates that gatherings aren’t closed. Use accessible tools for folks to sign up (i.e. table in the fireside room, email address, google doc sign-up).  Whoever the contact person is for the gathering should always be stated with a FIRST & LAST name, followed by an email address.  

communication tools guidelines

Web Page:  Any information for our web page must be sent to the church office.

E-News:  Our weekly electronic news goes out on Thursday mornings at 8:00am.  Articles should be sent to Pastor James at least one week before the Thursday you wish to have it published. Deadline is 8:00am the Monday prior but earlier submission helps.  Please know that we do our best to accommodate articles but we prioritize articles that reach the most people in the church.  For example, an event that will impact hundreds of Kingswood folks gets priority over an event for 3-5 people. We learned some time ago that beyond six articles and people do not read them. We try to keep the E news to 6 or 7 articles.  Again, we do our best. As you already know, articles are helpful but personal invites get people there! 

Newsletter:  The newsletter is distributed every Sunday for both services. The deadline for submission of articles is Monday prior to the Sunday of printing to Anita Tasher. But as noted above, the earlier submissions help us map out space more effectively. We prioritize church events over non-church events as well as those events coming sooner than later. Also, we sometimes need to edit articles. If an article is longer than 55-65 words, it most likely will be edited.  Be clear about what, where, time, location and way to register. Please do not have them contact a person without a phone number or email. Newer folks have no idea who Joe Blue is.  Anita can be reached at

Announcements: Announcements are done each Sunday at the end of the service, mostly by Pastor James.  Announcements should be sent by 8:00am on Monday prior to Sunday to Pastor James.  A photo or logo should be sent along if possible or ask for one to be created. Announcements are prioritized by when they are happening, number of people impacted, and urgency.  If you plan to make an announcement, you must notify Pastor James the Monday morning prior by 8am. It helps us plan ahead. If you are making an announcement, you should sit on the front row of the sanctuary after communion in either service and use Microphone 4 or the Pulpit Microphone. Please do not come from the back as it delays our service and creates issues of waiting. Spoken announcements should address when, what, where, how to register, and any relevant information. They really should be 30 to 90 seconds long at most.