What is Kingswood's address?  Where do I park?

Our address is 401 W. Dundee Road in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 60089.  The main entrance is located on Dundee Road just west of Golfview Terrace in Buffalo Grove. Parking is available on the east side and south side of our building. Entrances are available off of both parking lots. Handicap parking is available on the east side of the building near the main entrance. There is also a handicapped automatic opening door at our main entrance.  The parking spaces are clearly designated. Worship takes place in our sanctuary on the north end of our building near the main east entrance.

What should I wear?

You are welcome to dress casually or more formally if you wish. There is no dress code.

Where do children go during the Service?

Children, birth through senior high school, are invited to Sunday School during the 9:00 am worship service. Sunday School for children four and under is available in our nursery, located on the Northwest corner of the building (near the lobby). Occasionally, children are included in worship for special family services; we also provide age-appropriate materials for children who want to worship with their parents.

What accommodations are there for those with special needs?

Persons who have special needs are most welcome at Kingswood Church. Persons with walkers will find seating to accommodate them. Wheelchairs can also be accommodated at each service. People with walking difficulties should enter through the main east entrance.  We can provide large-print hymnals on request from the ushers. Hearing aid devices are also available from the ushers.

How is the Offering handled?

Please do not feel like you have to contribute to our offering, but if you feel called to do so, you can give four different ways: the offering baskets in our Fireside Room, mailing your offering to the church, donating online at our website or directly from our app.  Your offering supports our ministry and mission.

How is Communion offered?

We practice open Holy Communion the first Sunday of every month.  All who wish to participate are welcome.  Individually packaged wafer and communion cups will be available for those who do not wish to participate through the act of intinction; intinction is the receiving of a piece of bread and then dipping it in the cup and partaking.

Are interfaith families/couples welcome?

Yes! Kingswood has interfaith families where one spouse practices or identifies with a faith, like Judaism.  As a founding member of the Northwest Suburban Interfaith Council, we have been very committed to interfaith and ecumenical relationships.

Are there refreshments and opportunities to meet new people?

Each Sunday, before and after both services, we offer time and space in our Fireside Room as well as our parking lot and patio to get to know one another. We invite you to stay and enjoy fellowship time with others from Kingswood.  Coffee is available each week, and light refreshments are offered on occasion!

I think I'd like to visit!  How can I get connected?

Jenn Sawyer is our Minister of Welcoming and Connecting, and she would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  Please feel free to call her at the church office 847-398-0770 or email her at jsawyer@kingswoodumc.com.   We encourage you to sign up for our E-Newsletter by subscribing below. We have a welcome center in the Fireside Room where you can find more information about Kingswood!