Our Congratulations on your decision to make a covenant together...
A wedding is a service of worship, an affirmation of God’s presence in this sacred and joyous occasion of making covenant with one another and with God for your future life together.   We welcome your use of our facilities to begin your life journey together. Our clergy, wedding coordinator and staff will assist you in planning your wedding service so that it will have personal and sacred meaning. We are a Christian community of faith and our services reflect our commitment to Christ and our faith. We are open and honored to also offer sensitivity and resourcing to interfaith weddings as well. Our building and especially the sanctuary worship space are sacred places.

Members are those who have joined Kingswood, or who have been active in worship for at least six months, and participate in the life of our church and are actively supportive with prayers, presence, gifts, and service. Because members are those already committed to the ongoing support and maintenance of Kingswood United Methodist Church, use of the sanctuary is free of charge.
Wedding Ceremony at Kingswood Church for Member: $600 (includes rehearsal)
This amount reimburses the
  • Wedding Coordinator $200.00
  • Organist/Pianist $200.00
  • Audio-Visual Staff $100.00
  • Custodian $100.00
Officiating Clergy are not paid by this fee; donation to be made at your discretion.
Wedding Ceremony at Kingswood Church for Non-Member: $950 (includes rehearsal)
  • Wedding Coordinator $200.00
  • Organist/Pianist $200.00
  • Audio-Visual Staff $100.00
  • Custodian $100.00
  • Sanctuary Rental $150.00
  • Presiding Clergy $200.00
Requests for an offsite ceremony should be arranged through the church office and will be at the discretion of the Kingswood clergy.  Wedding Coordinator charge for off-site ceremony is $300.

Renewal Vows Fee
Kingswood Church can be available for the renewal of wedding vows. Costs are as follows:
Renewal Service for 30 persons or under in sanctuary: $200 for members and non-members for organist. Clergy are not reimbursed in this fee; a donation may be made at your discretion directly to the clergyperson.
Renewal Service for over 30 persons in sanctuary: $350 for members and non-members. This fee reimburses the audio-visual staff, organist, and custodian.  Clergy are not reimbursed in this fee; a donation may be made at your discretion directly to the clergyperson.

Start Early
Ours is a very active congregation with many events and programs. Please contact the Church Administrator early in your planning to ensure the sanctuary is available on the dates you desire.  Your wedding date must be confirmed with the Church Administrator in consultation with officiating clergy.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to reserve the dates for the wedding and rehearsal. Please make your check payable to "Kingswood UMC" and mail or bring it to the church office with a completed Wedding Reservation Form. The Wedding Reservation Form and the paid deposit are required to guarantee your reserved wedding date. Your deposit is credited toward your wedding costs. The balance of total costs is due no later than one month prior to your wedding date.  Weddings will not be scheduled during Holy Week, (the week before Easter), or the week before Christmas.

Officiating Clergy
Weddings at Kingswood Church can be officiated by our clergy. Should you wish to have another clergy participate with our clergy, please mention this in your first meeting with our clergy. An invitation to assist will be extended by our officiating clergy. If you choose to use another clergy without Kingswood clergy, this should be shared with the Church Administrator and the person must be approved by the Senior Pastor. In addition, the visiting clergy must contact the Senior Pastor before the service. Web licensed lay or clergy require pre-approval from our Senior Pastor.

Pre-Marital Counseling
Because marriage is a sacred covenant and our congregation wants to support you in the best way possible, it is a requirement that the bride and groom meet with the clergy officiating at the wedding for at least four sessions of preparation and pre-marital counseling. These gatherings will help strengthen your journey and gives the clergy an opportunity to get to know both of you, helping give your wedding a more personal touch. The clergy will discuss a variety of matters with you and answer questions you may have. Please contact your officiating clergy at least three to four months prior to the wedding to schedule these appointments. You are strongly encouraged to attend worship at Kingswood UMC at least once so that you connect with our community. If you choose another clergy person to officiate beyond Kingswood, they must present the Senior Pastor with their pre-marital counseling plan as a part of their approval.

Wedding Coordinator
Once you have met with the clergy and your dates are reserved, we’ll notify our Wedding Coordinator who will assist you in making your wedding beautiful and as stress free as possible. The Wedding Coordinator will guide you through all your questions and concerns and will help you with all the details. The Wedding Coordinator will share experiences and offer suggestions and recommendations to assist in your planning.

At least one month prior to the wedding, you shall contact the Wedding Coordinator to begin preparations. At the rehearsal, the wedding coordinator will assist the clergy in leading your wedding party and families through every detail to ensure that each person understands what is going to take place. At the wedding, the Wedding Coordinator will see that everything runs smoothly from the time that you arrive, until after the wedding when, you are ready to take pictures. If a personal wedding coordinator will assist the wedding party, they must work in partnership with our Wedding Coordinator.

Important Restrictions
  • Throwing rice or birdseed in the church or the area outside the church is prohibited. Real flower petals are not allowed at all. The outdoor use  of bubbles, butterflies, etc. is subject to certain restrictions that will be explained by the Wedding Coordinator.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property or within the building.  We encourage you to request that members of your wedding party refrain from drinking alcohol prior to your rehearsal and wedding. We require that members of your wedding party note that they are prohibited from serving of champagne or wine in cars and limos prior to leaving the parking lot. Refusal to follow this policy could result in the postponement or cancellation of your service.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the church building.  There is an ashtray located outside the southwest door. You, guests and members of your wedding party must use that ashtray, we ask you not to smoke outside the front doors of the building.  (Buffalo Grove Ordinance No. 2006-19 requires there to be no smoking within 20 feet of a public entrance of either a public place or a place of employment.)
  • Do not move Sanctuary and Altar furniture.  If you wish for alternative placement, arrangements must be made with the Church Administrator. Unless prior notification has been given, the handrail on the altar will be removed for your service. The baptismal font and Christ candle must remain on the chancel.
  • Candles are not permitted in the seating areas.

Order of Wedding Service
A wedding celebrates God’s gift of love and honor through affirmation of the covenant between you in holy marriage. All services are conducted in reference to the "Service of Christian Marriage" in The United Methodist Hymnal (pp. 864-869). Alternative services for the "Blessing of a Civil Marriage” and the “Reaffirmation of the Marriage Covenant" may be used as appropriate. If you wish to include the Sacrament of Holy Communion, we require that all in attendance are invited to participate. Our belief is that God’s communion table is open to all, therefore the invitation must be for everyone. An outline of the Marriage “Order of Service” will be discussed in your first meeting with the clergy.
Changes or additions to the service must be made in consultation with your officiating clergy and must remain consistent with the theology and tradition of our church.
Some additional decisions you will need to make include whether to:
  • - include one or more congregational hymns or songs
  • - ask a family member or friend to read a scripture lesson
  • - have solos or special music
  • - light a unity candle or another ritual of unity.
We encourage the inclusion of children in your wedding worship service. Consult with your presiding clergy about their role and involvement.

Wedding License
You may obtain your Wedding License from the Cook County Clerk, Circuit Court Building, 2121 Euclid Ave., Rolling Meadows (Phone: 847/818-2850), or any of the other 5 locations in Cook County. There is a 24 hour waiting period before your license is valid. Give the license to your presiding clergy on the rehearsal night. You will receive an official, signed copy for your records. More information can be found at the following Cook County website:

Optional Additional Expenses
Reception Space Options      
* Activity center           
  • Member $120 Non-Member $600
Sit down seating Capacity: 125
Please note: The serving of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the church building, on the church campus or in the parking lots.
  • Large kitchen Member: $0 Non-Member $100
  • Fireside/small kitchen Member $0 Non-Member $100
Cake or Cookies and Punch/Coffee may be served in the Fireside Room.
Soloists:     $100 - $150 per soloist (arrangements should be made in conjunction with music staff)
Wedding Bulletins:  Bulletin set-up, typing, printing information required 2 weeks prior to wedding
$200.00 per 100
Soloists and bulletin charges will be billed separately and are not included in the contract total.     
All fees and remaining balances are due in full to the church office a minimum of four weeks in advance of the rehearsal. Deposits are non-refundable.

Your Rehearsal
The rehearsal is typically held on the evening before the wedding. Arrangements for the rehearsal are best made at the same time the wedding date is reserved. A rehearsal is a "walk-through" of the wedding so that all members of the wedding party, ushers and both families have a clear understanding of how they will participate. In some cases, a rehearsal isn’t required or must be scheduled at another time other than the evening before the wedding. Alternate dates and times are based on church availability. All members of the wedding party, parents, and ushers should attend the rehearsal.  All video projection and prerecorded music to be used during the wedding must be tested at the rehearsal. Soloists and others providing live music should plan on attending. All pre-recorded music and video projection information/data must be submitted to the church office one week prior to the wedding date.

Wedding Bulletins
Wedding bulletins help guests identify members of the wedding party and guide them through the service. Your final choice can be prepared by our church office, or by a professional printer. Your presiding clergy must approve the bulletin format before printing.

During The Wedding Ceremony 
NO flash or pre-lit video or photographs may be taken by guests during the ceremony. If the service itself will be video recorded, the camera must be stationary and use natural light. The photographer may not move around the Sanctuary or stand in the aisles. Professional video cameras and operators must remain in the rear of the church behind seated guests or the camera must be stationary and located in the choir loft.  No additional lighting is permitted. A time exposure of the ceremony may be taken unobtrusively from the rear of the church by your professional photographer. The photographer may not move around the Sanctuary or stand in the aisles.

Before & After Ceremony 
Light-enhanced video and flash photos may be taken prior to and after the ceremony in the Lobby, Fireside Room, Dressing Room, and Sanctuary. They may also be taken as the groom, groomsmen, bridal party and bride enter, and leave the Sanctuary after the service. All photographs and videos within the church must end within 60 minutes of the completion of the wedding.

Organ & Piano Accompanist 
In addition to the Wedding Coordinator, we will provide an organist or pianist for your wedding who will also assist you in your music selections. Arrangements must be completed well in advance of the wedding. Not all music is appropriate for a sacred wedding service; the organist or pianist will advise you in determining the best choices. If you choose to provide your own organ or pianist, a call must be placed to our Minister of Music, and approval must be given by the Minister of Music. In addition, the Minister of Music must approve all music selections chosen by an outside musician.
For an additional fee, soloists and ensembles are available to add vocal, instrumental or handbell music for your wedding. If you will use your own soloist or instrumentalist, please discuss it with the Wedding Coordinator and Minister of Music. All musicians are individually responsible for making arrangements to rehearse with the organist.

Building Information
Sanctuary Dimensions and Information:
Seating Capacity: 400-450 Center Aisle Length: 42 feet
# Pews down center aisle: 10 Runner Length: 75 feet
Altar Table Size: 82" point to point, 30" deep plant pedestals: 17" square
Dressing Areas:  The Wedding Coordinator will show you rooms where the bride and attendants may dress prior to the wedding. The groom and groomsmen will also be provided a room where they can wait prior to the wedding service.

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We hope this page is helpful in your planning and preparations.  If you have questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Elizabeth Hicks- Administrator
Rev. James Preston – Lead Pastor