What Is A Labyrinth?

It is a pathway used to direct individuals in prayer and mediation. It is a single meandering path that ends in an inner circle.  The same path must be followed to leave the labyrinth.  Thus, it is not a maze with blind alleys, dead ends, and puzzles.

How Do I Use the Labyrinth?

  • Pause at the entrance and ask God to direct your prayer.  Take a moment to reflect on where you are in your life.
  • Bring a question or problem which you would like to discuss with God, meditate on a Scripture, or simply be silent in your mind and let your senses become aware of the garden around you.
  • Let the labyrinth set the pace of your walk.  Let the labyrinth slow and calm you.
  • If you meet someone else on the path, simply step into the adjacent path and allow them to pass.
  • If you get confused about where you are, just keep going, and you will wind up at either the center of the labyrinth or its entrance.
  • Pause as you exit and offer thanks for God’s presence with you in the labyrinth.
  • Take some time to reflect on your labyrinth experience.  You might wish to record your thoughts and experiences in a spiritual journal.

How Did the Labyrinth Get Started?

The Kingswood Labyrinth was the Eagle Scout Project of Tommy Gates of Kingswood Troop 401. It was created during the summer of 2011 under Tommy’s direction by members of the troop, and neighbors, family, and friends of the Gates family and Kingswood Church. Early on, as Tommy began to work on this, he had the idea that it could be a memorial to youth whose life journeys were cut short, especially two youth who grew up at Kingswood and who died too young, Steven Taylor and Katie Traynor.
The Labyrinth is open to the public and was financially supported by members of the Kingswood UMC as well as memorial gifts in memory of Steven and Katie.  It is a gift to the larger community of Buffalo Grove and we hope will be used by people of many faith traditions. Every effort has been made to make it a welcoming place, where people may come and sit or walk and grow into a deeper awareness and relationship with the Sacred in all things.  Donations will be gratefully accepted and can be directed to the Kingswood UMC Labyrinth Project. You can give here.