Deerfield Campus

A columbarium is a monument structure for the internment of cremated human remains.  The columbarium is intended for the Kingswood church family and is not open to the public.  Niches may be purchased by church members, and it is their decision as to whom is to be inurned in their niche.  A niche may also be purchased by a family member for the burial of a church member.

The family is responsible for the cremation and the placement of the ashes in the niche.  Only human remains should be placed in the columbarium. Engraving of the name, date of birth, and date of death will be done uniformly and will be coordinated by the Memorial Committee.  There will be no extra decorations or engravings available on the niches so that its dignified appearance may be maintained.  Since it will be surrounded by a Memorial Garden, families may wish to make donations to add to its beauty.  The Memorial Committee is responsible for the safety and upkeep of the columbarium.  Family members and friends are welcome to spend time at the columbarium during regular daylight hours.

In the event that Kingswood United Methodist Church or the columbarium shall be relocated or ceases to operate, the church will be responsible for the re-inurnment of the ashes in the relocated facility.  In the event of destruction of the columbarium resulting from an act of God, the church will be responsible for the re-inurnment of the ashes in an appropriate Christian facility or will dispose of the ashes in accordance with church doctrine and legal requirements.  In either case, surviving family members may recover the ashes and re-inurn them in a way of their own choosing.

For more information, email Knopf Cemetery Trustees Chairman Jim Miller for additional details and forms.