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Kingswood Annual Auction FAQ

1.       When and where is the auction?

The auction is November 9th at Kingswood United Methodist Church at 400 W. Dundee in Buffalo Grove. The Live Auction takes place in the Activity Center and the Silent Auction is across the hall in Room 114. The Silent Auction starts at 6:00 PM and ends promptly at 6:45PM. Enjoy the new “minute to win it” wine pull and grab bag following the Silent Auction. The Live Auction begins at 7:30PM and the event usually wraps up between 9:30 and 10:00.

2.      Is child care available?

Yes, child care is available if you sign up by November 3rd.

3. What types of items can I bid on?

The Silent Auction has items ranging in value from $20-200. These include fun themed gift baskets, gift cards, small appliances, toys, treats and collectibles.

Also, between the Silent and Live Auction, you can visit the Wine Pull and Grab Bag in the Activity Center.

  • For the wine pull you can purchase a cork for $25 with a number that matches a “mystery” bottle of wine. The wines range in value from $15-$60—you get a lovely wine for you or to bring to the host of your next dinner party. All corks are then put into play for special prize awards.

  • You will also want to check out our new “Grab-Bag” event. You can purchase a gift bag for $25 that includes a surprise gift card & treat varying in value from $15- $50.

  • These both make a perfect treat for yourself or a friend—while the $25 is donated to Kingswood!

The Live Auction has larger items such as trips, time shares, golf games, sports tickets, nights out on the town, iPads, designer purses, spa days, indoor sky diving, museum passes, special brews or catering. These range in value from $100 to Priceless.


4. How do I bid?

When you arrive at the auction you will pay a $6 admission fee and be assigned a paddle with a unique number on it. 100% of the admission fee goes to support our food pantry. As you tour the Silent Auction write down your number and the amount you want to bid on the “bid sheet” by the item you want. When the Silent Auction ends you will “win” any item where you have the highest bid. For the Live Auction the auctioneer begins the bidding with a brief description of an item and starting bid. After that folks raise their paddles to indicate a bid and the action begins. When bidding slows down the auctioneer calls going…going…gone and the prize goes to the last bidding paddle number.

5. Is there a meal?

No meal but you won’t go hungry. There are snacks, deserts and beverages (non-alcoholic).

6. How is the money used?

The Kingswood Auction is the church’s largest annual fundraiser. It helps to support all of the activities of the church including community outreach, disaster relief, support groups and keeping the light on.

7. How do I donate?

Every year members of Kingswood and local businesses donate the items for the auction. The best donations are gift certificates to restaurants and events; trendy new items (like electronics and small appliances); or cash and let the auction committee do the shopping for you. All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a tax form. Donations are accepted in the Kingswood library after Sunday services. Or, you can contact the Auction committee to drop off items by appointment. All items for the auction should be current/new items. If you have lightly used items, we suggest you donate them to the Thrift Store at the Manna House where they will be much appreciated.

8. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. On the night of the auction, you will receive an invoice for the items purchased and this amount will be included on your year-end statement of giving (the portion bid above the stated value of each item is tax-deductible). In addition, at the end of the year you will receive a letter from the church listing all of your donated items.

9. How can I help?

You can help by coming to the Auction and inviting your friends. And, you can also donate items or money. Finally, if you are looking for a deeper level of involvement please let the auction committee know you would like to be part of the team for next year.


10. How do I contact the Auction committee?

If you have any Questions, Suggestions or Donations reach out to:

If you’re already planning on attending, please share this information with a friend!