Week of September 24, 2023

Ryan Anderson
Jennifer Ayers
Bob Baittie
Neil Baltz
Anne-Marie Bazet
Frank Bischoff
Debbi Bobbit
Jean Borger
Michael Brewton
Lindy Carlberg
Bill Chandler III
Candy Egan
Bob Frederick
Jim Gagnon
Joan Garling
Ronnie Goode
Mendy Hart
John Jacobs
Don Jones
Laurie Jones
Ellyn Jung
Dawn Karis
Mike Keen
Pat Kehl
Sandy Kolls
Paul Krajenta
Cinda Kuhn
Dee Lawrence
Mark Lindsay
Mary Mattes
Marianna Maver
Tracy Messina
Phil McCully
Connie Mitchell
Rebecca Liechty Mrozinski
Nadulek family
Paul Neumann
Ron Pateras
Lisa Pawlik
Teri Payne
Martha Pickett
Paul and Louise Quillman
Mary Reams
Mary Jo Reid
Bob Ryan
Don Sheldon
Melissa Siefert
Irene Sroka
Liz Sroka
Scott Urice
Delphine Valentine
John Washburn
Jerry West

Prayers For Our Community, Nation, and World

Bishop Dan Schwerin
District Supt. Brittany Isaac
Bishop Tracy Smith-Malone
Rev. Jane Eesley
Helen Roberts-Evans
Eric Smith
Pat Horcher
Daniel C. Shapiro
Brandon Johnson
President Joseph Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris
US House of Representatives
Governor Pritzker & Legislators
The City of Chicago
Public servants
Healthcare workers
Kingswood Leaders & Staff
All communities impacted by racism and violence
PADS Homeless Ministry
Food Pantry
For an end to COVID-19
For the healing/unity of our nation
Amarillo UMC
Brooke Road UMC/Justice Center
The People of Afghanistan
The People of Ukraine
An End to the Russian invasion
Youth and Children's Ministries
People of Russia
Those struggling with mental health issues and addiction
Victims of gun violence
Victims of storms, fires, and floods
People of Israel and Palestine
Sudan/South Sudan
Kilmer School
Kipling School
The people of Maui and Lahaina, Hawaii