Join Us For Vacation Bible School!

5:00-7:30 pm June 23-26

Super exciting this year!!  We'll have ONE MORE night of VBS on Thursday, June 27.  
Families will attend together for an animal show by Animal Quest, at 6pm,
and ice cream sundaes afterwards to celebrate.

Think about the weirdest animals you know. What noise does an aardvark make? Is an axolotl really smiling? Are
glass frogs made of real glass? Is a wombat a type of bat? It’s wild that God helps each animal grow and thrive . . . and
us, too! Wild Life is a 4-day adventure where kids discover how special they are to God and how wild it is that they
can share their story, use their gifts, spend time with God, and spend time with others.

Register HERE!

$20 per child, $40 max per sibling group
Scholarships available!!!

Kiddos who will be Kindergartners up through 5th graders this fall, 2024, can register here.  Our rising 4th and 5th graders will form their own group, with a separate schedule to reflect more of a Club 45 vibe all 4 nights.  
**New this year!!!  We'll have a 4-night program for 3 & 4 year old preschoolers who are potty-trained.**
We welcome adult and youth volunteers for our VBS program.  Youth who are rising 6th graders up through 12th graders this fall and adults, can register here.  All Adult Volunteers will need to be Safe Sanctuaries trained and background checked through Kingswood.  Jenn Sawyer will contact you after you register.

We're On A Mission!

Food Pantry Mission!

Kingswood Church runs a Food Pantry year round.  You can see more information about the Food Pantry HERE.
During our VBS week, we'll ask campers and volunteers to donate items to our Food Pantry each evening with fun and WILD incentives for reaching each evening's goal.
In our Special Missions station, our VBS campers will be learning about the Food Pantry and how to serve in this ministry, as they learn how to use their gifts and follow Jesus.

Wildlife Rescue Mission!

Kids and animals almost always go hand-in-hand.  Even if you don't have a pet, you sure can love lending a paw to help those animals in need.  After all, God created all creatures great and small.  In our Special Missions station, VBS campers will learn about local wildlife and how to serve in a way that takes care of all God's creation.

VBS Financial Donations

If you are interested in and able to donate financially to our Vacation Bible School program, you can do so HERE.  
Donations support camper scholarships as needed, dinner each evening, and any supplies that we order to support the program.  These donations...these gifts!...allow us to all provide a place and a program to teach our children in our church and our community about Jesus.

VBS Supplies Donation

If you are interested in and able to donate supplies, please check the list above and bring to the BG Campus Fireside Kitchen by June 16.

Check Out Our Time Together

5:00 pm 
Dinner & Games

5:30 pm
Opening Songs & Lessons

5:45 pm
30-Minute Stations

7:15 pm
Closing Songs & Lessons

Day 1...Sunday, June 23
Kids will discover the wild way John prepared people for Jesus!
Big Idea:
It's wild!  Jesus is why we share our story.
John 1:6-28 and Mark 1:1-8
Pizza (3 different kinds...cheese, pepperoni, and gluten-free)
Day 2...Monday, June 24
 Kids will discover the wild way Jesus healed a woman and brought a little girl back to life!
Big Idea:
It's wild!  Jesus helps us use our gifts.
Mark 5:21-43
Baked Mostacolli with Italian Sausage
Fettuccine Alfredo (vegetarian and gluten free)
Day 3...Tuesday, June 25
Kids discover the wild way Jesus welcomed the little children!
Big Idea:
It's wild!  Jesus invites us to spend time with God.
Matthew 18:1-5 and 19:13-14
Ham Slider sandwiches
Grilled cheese sandwiches (vegetarian and gluten free)
Day 4...Wednesday, June 26
Kids discover the wild way Jesus met with Zacchaeus!
Big Idea:
It's wild!  Jesus shows us how to spend time with others.
Luke 19:1-10
Meatball Subs (regular and vegan)